Character sketches

I started doodling again! The first two are a waiter-robot named “Breakfast” who was re-programmed for combat, as well as coffee. The second two are sketches for my sister, who plays an undead rogue on WoW. I did the crazy, strung-out, emaciated, scarred and vicious looking one first, but apparantly her character is supposed to be about eleven, and look all innocent. So I tried the second one, and I’ll wait and see what she thinks of it.

6 thoughts on “Character sketches

  1. I heart it muchly. It’s almost Krelle. I’m supposed to be doing homework at the mo’, but I’ll get you a screenshot and more details tomorrow!


  2. It’s true. *hangs head in shame*

    Krelle’s physical description:

    Age: 20 (died at 14)
    Birthplace: Uknown
    Sex: Female
    Hair: Bright green dreadlocks
    Eyes: None
    Weight: 85 pounds
    Height: 4′ 11″
    Garments/Armor: Usually dressed in dark travelling leathers with a pocket-covered courier’s vest on top. Always wears a black leather mask which hides her eyes (or lack thereof).

    Other: Krelle was 14 when she died, but looks much like an 11 or 12 year old. “Boyish” would be a polite way to describe her figure. She’s in very good condition for a Forsaken, however: since the plague took her while she was still alive, she never lay around rotting as some others did. Only her colouring and the bruises around her neck give away her nature to the casual observer.

    As taken from

    Krelle’s also got a small tattoo of a four leaf clover by her right ear, between the bands of the mask – in black.

    And screenshots!


    I thought I was editing them, but apparently I’m Irfan-illiterate, so pardon the inept cutting.

    I was thinking it would be neat to have her lounging on a big crate, playing with one of her daggers or something. That way there could be a symbol of the Grey Tiger Shipping Company on the crate.

    It looks like THIS!

    And it is awesome.

    The screenshots show her tabbard, but she rarely wears it. A black leather vest covered in pockets would be her thing.

    (She’s wearing a hat in one shot cause all her hair got burnt off in a fight with a warlock. Stupid warlocks. I’d rather have a shot of her with spikey dreadlocks though, since she’s regrowing them as hard as she can!

    “Aw! Krelle’s so sweet!
    Y’know, for an undead thing that kills people!”



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