Second batch of Christmas presents

Captain Olleander d’Lyrander, CEO / CFO of the Aberrant Shipping Company, Coin Lord of Stormreach, Harbringer of Doom, and Melech, half-demon samurai with a sabertooth-skull mask and a heart of gold.

6 thoughts on “Second batch of Christmas presents

  1. Kathleen. Her character had what's called an “aberrant” dragon mark (like a magic birth mark) and she's gone with the whole off-the-beaten-path rogueish outlaw theme. She just happens to own and operate a legitimate small busines.


  2. The legitimate side is very small. But it is definitely a business.

    She also likes to give herself titles. James, you forgot “Jewel of her House, Bearer of the Terminus Mark, Keeper of the Four Keys, Ambassador of the Emerging Tiefling Nation and Renowned Wordsmith.” (Though I guess “Harbinger of Doom” could sub in for the Terminus mark…)

    Also, technically, Melech's heart is a pulsing magical shard forged from the essence of hell, not gold. Though Melech certainly is a stand-up guy.

    I ❤ these pics. So very, very much. It's a comfort to know that I'll always have this memento of Ollie even if she does manage to die in the blaze of glory she's got coming to her.


  3. Hey man, thanks for checking out the fire, its definitely addictive.

    These christmas drawings are looking pretty good too. Some really cool costume designs.

    I like all the little pouches on the warlock


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