Lando and Ohu

Ohu is a native to a salt-water marsh, and she is the first Water Speaker in her tribe in a generation.  In recent years, the water has started to recede, and she left her village on a quest to learn shamanistic magicks to help her people.  She met Lando, an armoured Macetail, and they immediately took to one another.  Ohu like to tie flowers or bits of ribbon to Lando, insisting that he likes being pretty.  Lando loves Ohu, and endures her constant grooming, questions and high-pitched voice.  He does like her flute playing, and she likes the comfort of riding on his back and his help clearing stumps at campsites.  Ohu has no real understanding of the dangers of the world, and is largely oblivious to the protection provided by Lando. She is, however, afraid of many things that are not dangerous (insects, shadows, bad luck) and she believes that Lando keeps her safe from these.

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