Markers and material study.

So I have done fifty-some pinups at this point, and I am changing gears a little. I decided that if I am going to make myself paint more I need to just jump into it and I thought a good place to start is material studies.  I did these as an exercise in school a few years ago, and if I can do with these with what I did with the pinups, then in a couple of months these will start to look a lot stronger.  So I’m not posting these out of any “Look at ze PAINTING, children!” kind of pride, but to keep myself accountable. This is the art equivalent of practicing your spelling before you actually write any stories. It is tedious but important.  You can’t write the Great American Novel with emojis and memes of walruses. So let’s get the worst part over with.


I think I’m gonna ditch the fairy wings. Just gonna draw some warriors on birds.  Deal.

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